Our Brand Story

I’m so excited that I finally had some time to blog about us!

As you may have known, it has been a year that Little Snap Productions has started. We are a team of 2, as some of our clients have asked when they meet us to view Andy’s Actual Day Photography portfolio, yes we are a husband and wife team.
So, in Little Snap Productions the husband is the in-house photographer (Andy), the wife (Audrey) is the one who manages the rest of the operations that is not related to photography.

We started Little Snap Productions in June 2016, and within a month, we had our first photo booth event.

How it sparked off

“How nice to have a Photo Booth at my wedding…”

The spark came about when we are preparing for our own wedding. I was thinking to myself, how good it is if I can have my OWN Photo Booth at my wedding! I can assign one of my bridesmaid to operate Andy’s camera, just snapping it away~ But I know for someone to touch his precious, it’s pretty impossible. Not to mention that it will be OUT OF HIS SIGHT. So I dropped the idea, and didn’t bring it up again.

Just 2 months before our wedding, I really wanted a photo booth at the reception, as I feel that it could entertain the guests while waiting at the reception area, allow guests to better mingle themselves and act as a wedding keepsake!

So I picked up some courage to ask my then boyfriend about it. His next few words surprised me.


I’m like, WHY I DIDN’T ASK ABOUT IT EARLIER. *Facepalm* However, after much discussion, we decided that we can’t have our own wedding photo booth, as there are too many logistics and packing, who’s gonna take the photo, who’s gonna set up the lights, you need a professional photographer who knows about shutter speed, ISO etc.

Apart from the wedding preparations that we have, I remembered clearly that we are more excited for the birth of Little Snap Productions. 🙂