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5 Best Tips on hiring the perfect Actual Day Wedding Photographer

Planning for your wedding day goes by so quickly - you’ve just got your engagement ring a few days ago and now you are fulfilling a long checklist for everything you need! Does it sound stressful to you? But fret not, with us, it will be fun and exciting!

If you are reading this article, then there’s a huge chance that you are now ticking off another item from your check list – a Professional Actual Day Wedding Photographer.

Choosing the right photographer will allow you to have a peace of mind during your wedding day, therefore here are some of the best tips to get you started!


Tip #1: Work within your budget

$1000? $1500? $2500? You are still probably overwhelmed by the cost of other things you’ll need for your wedding day but you don’t have to immediately set a figure. A quick research can assist you in common rates of wedding photographers in Singapore and have an idea of what to expect.

After setting a range, you can discuss with your partner about finances, and how much you would be willing to spend. This helps to easily cut down your options and assist with your decision making.

To easily create a budget, you can consider the following points:

  • Time of the wedding (does it fall on Chinese New year or on super hot dates where you might need to pay additional charges?)

  • Number of photographers required

Tip # 2: Ask for some Recommendations

Have a friend who recently got married and you loved the look and feel of their wedding photos? The easiest way to find a trusted photographer is to ask for recommendations from your friends and/or family members.

You can ask them for feedback about the photographer that they have engaged and if you happen to be the bridesmaid, you would have a sense of how the photographer is like and probably you would just need some information about the rates, packages, and the photographer’s availability!

Don’t be shy to ask for their contact numbers; review their portfolios and arrange a meet up so that you can know more about them and if he/she fits your requirements.

Tip # 3: Know the Perfect Photography Style for You

Most of the photographers today shoot in a mix of styles – creative and artistic; natural light and bright; or dark and saturated. Some may prefer the natural light and bright while others would want it a little dramatic and saturated.

One small tip! You can start by collating photos that you like to have for your wedding day, any type of photos that captured your eyes from Instagram or Facebook, put these images together in a folder, you will realized that they should be of type of style that you are looking for!

With these, you can check out on the photographer's portfolio on their shooting style, and if it suits you.

Tip #4: Take Notes and Compare

How do you feel when you first met the photographer? What is the impression that the photographer has left with you? Is he uncertain or is he confident to deliver? Is he pushy, or if he tried to understand on your wedding needs and was enthusiastic about recommendations?

Different photographers have different packages and sometimes the products they provide will reflect how experienced they are in the industry. If you already know your priorities and needs, it’s easier to consider a package that will fit!

List down all the offers that you think best for you and start comparing them.

Some items will be:

  • The inclusions of the package

  • The costs of the different package

  • The photographic style

  • What kind of equipment the photographer is using

  • Lead time to receive the final product

If you think that the offered packages are not something you will need, don’t be afraid to ask for customized ones. You might just need a short hour coverage or you will need a split day coverage; do let your photographer know your requirements!

Tip # 5: Review and sign the Contract

Last but not least, once you’ve found your right Actual Day Wedding Photographer, it’s now the best time to have a written contract. Review it carefully before signing and ensure that the important information such as time and location of the event; the delivery of the photographs online or printed; and of course, the actions needed during unforeseen circumstances such as postponement or cancellation terms.


We all know how challenging it can be to find the right Actual Day Wedding Photographer. Hence, you can use the tips we have mentioned to help you!

Our minds may forget what truly happens when we get older but the photographs will retell the stories.

If you would love to inquire about us on our Actual Day Wedding Photography package in Singapore, please email us at We can’t wait to hear from you!


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