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Instant Print Table Shots

Little Snap Productions Instant Print Table Shots

Our Instant Print table shots will bring joy to your guests and they are awesome as a sovenir for them too! Photos are captured by our in-house Actual Day wedding photographer; and it will be edited on-site by our image artist and printed instantly for your guests.


Instant Print Table Shots

Instant Print Table Shots


  • Onsite Live Photographer and Image Artist

  • 2 Industrial Grade High Speed Printer
    (4 secs/4R print)

  • Unlimited Prints

    • A maximum of 10 copies will be printed for each table - (10 + 1) copies. Additional copy for the couple’s keepsake.
      (depending on government regulations on number of pax per table)

  • Black Photo Standees

  • Customisation of Photo template

  • Complimentary Envelopes

  • Hi-resolution of soft-copy images all returned in a download link

Optional Add-ons


  • Photo Standees

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