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Roving Photography Singapore

Little Snap Productions Roving Photography

For Little Snap Roving Photography, there will be a Photographer who will be roaming around the reception area. Yes, you guessed it! Photographs are beautifully captured by our in-house Photographer - Andy Low, whom is also our Actual Day Wedding Photographer.

All photos captured will be edited on-site by our image artist and printed instantly for your guests. 

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Roving Photography


  • 2 Industrial Grade High Speed Printer

  • Unlimited Prints (number of people in the photo = number of printouts)

  • No Little Snap Productions Logo on printouts

  • Customisation of Photo template

  • Onsite Live Photographer and Image Artist

  • Complimentary Envelopes

Optional Add-ons


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1. Check out our sites

We have details on our website; our works can also be found on our Facebook and Instagram. So that you can have a better look if we match your needs.

2. Reach out to us

If you have more burning questions:

You can contact us via an online form or drop us a message/call @ 82908899

You can also send an email to us at

3. Book us! 

A minimum of 50% deposit is required to secure our services. Depending on your event date, our designers will then reach out to you on the customisation of the template design!

booking process


Ready to book?

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