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5 Things to take note of when engaging a Photo Booth

#1 Venue Space

Does your venue has sufficient space for you to set up a Photo Booth? Do check in with your Photo Booth vendor how much space would they require for the setup. If there are space constraints, you can also discuss with your vendor if there are alternative solutions.

#2 Lights and Camera

Good Lighting and Camera are the essentials on how your photos are going to turn out!

#3 Photo template Customization

There are a lot of ways that you can customize on how you would like to have your printouts.

Choose a photo booth that allows that customization for your printout so that you can personalized it as your own!

#4 Backdrop and props

Apart from Photo Template design, backdrops plays a part hyping up your event! (Especially for themed events!)

Not forgetting the props, they will also bring out the shyest guest to have fun at the booth.

#5 Printing Speed and Quality

Do make sure that your photo booth allows you to have unlimited prints! So that all your guests can walk away with their own photos.

Printing speed is equally important as you do not want your guests to be waiting for 10 - 15 minutes for the printout. Our print speed can be as fast as 4 secs/print as we will bring 2 printers to your event!

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Team Little Snap


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