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7 tips for your Couple or PreWedding Photography

#1 Engage a Professional Photographer

Look at their past works and reviews; and if they are your preferred photography style.

You may also wish to check in with us for our Pre-wedding Photography / Couple Shoot packages!

#2 Engage a Professional Make Up Artist (MUA)

You might be thinking that you can do your own make up, following some youtube videos and voila! However, do note that the make up will have to last you for at least 2 – 6 hours of shoot, walking around places to places and perspiring along the way. If the make up is not perfect, you might ending up require to touch up your eye lashes, smudging eye liners, patchy foundations, messy hair and etc.

A Professional Make Up Artist will have the skills to ensure that your make up and hairdo will look fresh and stayed on throughout the shoot!

#3 Shortlist your locations/timings and Prepare for Plan B

If you have some locations in mind for the shoot, do share it with your photographer and they could help you with narrowing down to a few locations in Singapore / Overseas.

It is always best to have a Plan B in case of wet weather conditions or due to unforeseen circumstances!

#4 Selection of Outfits

Depending on your location, do select your outfits that are complementary to it! You can first decide by thinking about the setting of the location. If the location is more of a formal setting, you can go with your formal attires like gowns and suits. If it’s a more lively setting, you can go with bright coloured clothings.

Not limited to the above, there is a tons of other ways that you can dress up!

  • If you have a themed wedding shoot, you can dress up to match with each other

  • If you would like to make colors pop, you can dress up to contrast each other

  • Bring along accessories or props to complement your outfits

Do check in with your photographer for another opinion if the location will match with the outfits too!

#5 Book your Manicurist

Do ensure that your nails are neat and prettily done for the photos too! Minor details like these will likely be captured for close up shots.

#6 Bring a friend along to help you out

It’s always good to have an extra pair of hands to help out with your barangs barangs. Especially if you have props, and a couple of outfits to bring along to the location of the shoot. Keep these things in a luggage bag so that it can be brought around easily.

#7 Be Comfortable

For the ladies! If your outfits are on heels all day, we would recommend you to bring along slippers for your shoot. When you are heading to your photo shoot location, you might need to walk a fair bit of distance to reach your destination, can you imagine walking under the hot sun with your killer heels and perspiring too?! (urgh!)

We hope the above would assist you in your planning!

Please feel free to let us know if you have any other awesome tips here!


Team Little Snap


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